So happy for these guys.

We went to see Feast for their “preview party” which coincided with a Tacoma-wide artist studio tour (35ish participating studios). Feast is an inspiring vision, but such an immense labor of love. I really want them to be successful.

I wish we had just stayed and hung out at Feast, and then headed to the park. Instead, I felt the need to see a couple studios (total crap shoot since I know no one else, and did no research beforehand!) I felt bad staying too long at Feast though – like I should make room and not hog Todd & Chandler’s time, and that I should go see and do as much as possible because when am I ever in Tacoma. But really, I probably wasn’t in the way, and I drove 36 miles to be there, so why not stay longer? I really need to learn to linger and enjoy my life.

After a couple distracting studio visits, we were both pretty itchy for some rocks and sticks. Thank God (and the Tacoma Land Company) Wright Park was right there. We saw some overfed koi at the W.W. Seymour Conservatory, played at the playground with some friendly halfies, went down a slide for the first time, and watched people with cameras and phones bombard this one tree.

Tacoma. Tacoma reminds me of downtown Kansas City, Missouri…pre-revitalization, and with a few extra hills. “Tacoma Live!” is coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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